The Hermes bag is a world-famous luxury brand

If you ask a girl, what is the first luxury in her life, his answer is definitely the bag-winning HK-taoair. Because the bag has become an indispensable item for modern women. In their eyes, the bag is a rigid need, just like a part of the body.

The Hermes bag is a world-famous luxury brand. Founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermes in Paris, France, it has a long history of more than 170 years. If Chanel is a symbol of identity, then Hermes is a low-key luxury. In recent years, due to the large demand in the market and the chaos of management, more and more high-imitation luxury goods have flowed into the market, causing many troubles for consumers and the loss of money. The following small series will introduce you to everyone. The most basic steps to identify Hermes.
First step, look at the cortex and smell of the bag.
Hermès bags use the world’s best leather, the new authentic has a faint scent after special treatment, and its leather surface is full of particles, the gloss is very good. The fake Hermes’s graininess is dull, or it is softer, and the leather is harder with a certain chemical odor.

Step 2 Observe the knitting thread
Most people who are familiar with Hermès know that the traces of genuine Hermes bags are twill lines, and there will be no straight-line mashups, and fakes will be more or less the case. In addition, the pinholes of Hermes are neat and neat, and the pinholes of Hermes are large and the edges are irregular.

The third step to see Hermes LOGO hot stamping
Authentic Hermes logo on his leather is hand-embossed by a letter, the font is definitely clear, no smudge. If you do fakes in this place, it is easy to judge. The fake Hermès logo is pressed out at one time with a stamp. It is not stamped one by one, which produces horizontal stripes.
The fourth step is to look at the bag hardware.
(1) Look at the zipper head of the bag
The metal part of the zipper head of the Hermes bag is printed with the word Lampo on the back. It is the latest anti-counterfeit mark. It will have a number below the Lampo body. This is probably from around 2002. Customers can buy more Hermes bags. Pay attention to this detail. In addition, the font part of the metal logo on the Hermes bag has a slight superficial highlight, which is also impossible for the cottage Hermes bag.
(2) Look at the lettering on the belt metal buckle
Really Hermes has clear lettering, very fine fonts, smooth grooves, and fake fonts are thicker and shallower.
(3) Look at the production year of the belt buckle and the stamp of the craftsman code
The belt buckle of the Hermes bag has the English letters of the production year and the code of the craftsman. The hand marks of the real products are more obvious and the position is slightly random. The fake goods are embossed by the machine, which is very regular.
(4) Look at the belt card slot
Really Hermes bag card slot is smooth inside, fake seams are not smooth enough, because the quality of the mold and process requirements are very high!
Fifth, look at the package dust bag
Really Hermes has a very clear LOGO print on its dust bag, while fake Hermes prints are blurry or incomplete.